All Star Events offers a complete, extensive and awesome line of amusement products and carnival games to enhance any special occasion! A great opportunity to put a smile on everyone’s face. We’ve got what you need and make it easy for you.
Add one of our friendly, safety-oriented attendants to operate and supervise your game. They will ensure that
all safety requirements are followed. Take a look and book today.

50’L x 50’W x 50’H

Calling all adventurers! Take a ride on our beautiful and bright Go Gator rollercoaster. Tons of thrills and excitement as they ride around the track again and again. Perfect for kids of all ages and any event! Large space required.

12′ L x 12′ W x 25′ H

The Frog Hopper is leaping its way into the hearts of young and old, with bright colors and clever frog designs inspired by the greatest jungles in the world. Everyone will want to hop along with the troupe of brightly colored tropical frogs as they catch flies buzzing about their lily pond in the rain forest. It has great visual appeal, supports high capacity and is a great way to entertain large numbers of children.

20′ L x 20′ W x 8.5′ H

A kiddie ride with cup-style spinning vehicles, where the passengers control the spin of each cup, on top of a turntable-like floor which also spins in a circular motion. High capacity ride, great for carnivals and festivals.

50′ L x 50′ W x 3′ H

Bumper cars are one of the most classical amusement rides. These battery powered cars are designed for the drivers to smash and bump into each other, bringing tons of excitement to children of all ages.

22′ L x 10′ W x 26′ H

Have a Face to Face challenge on the Face Off Climbing Wall! This doubled-sided climbing wall allows you and your opponent to have the exact same climb to the top, making the race perfectly even as you race to the top. The clear acrylic panels allow climbers to see climbers straight through to the other side of the climbing panel. Race a friend or challenge them to follow your moves up the wall. Each wall is laid out with the exact same holds and patterns so each person experiences the same climb.

8′ L x 8′ W x 10′ H

This beautifully detailed miniature version of the popular carousel amusement park ride, tailored for younger children, provides countless hours of non-stop round-and-round fun. This six seater is small enough to fit in a backyard or small playground.

18’L x 12’W x 20’H

Take a ride on this thrilling adventure as you brave the tropical seas on this extreme shipwreck. This pendulum motion ride swings back and forth, subjecting the pirates of all ages to various levels of angular momentum.

70′ L x 28′ W x 36′ H

All Star Events introduces our amazing new Amazon Zip Line. Buckle up for the adventure of your life by propelling down the Amazon for a thrilling, mind blowing experience. At 70’ long and 36’ high everyone will get a rush out of it. Experience the Amazon and buy one today!

14′ L x 14′ W x 30′ H

Light up your next event with this old-fashioned Carnival Wheel! LED lights will give your event that county fair flair. Six chairs spin round and round the bright wheel, giving guests a birds eye view of your fun event. A guaranteed crowd pleaser for the entire family.

32′ L x 8′ W x 16′ H

An absolute carnival favorite! Up to fourteen (14) players at a time compete against each other to see whose horse can make it to the finish line first. Great for birthdays, carnivals and fun days, players roll their ball trying to get it in one of the holes in their lane, each of which carries a different number value that will advance the horse towards the finish line. Attendant included.

15′ L x 15′ W x 25′ H

Our one station bungee ride is a must have at any event. Guests of all ages enjoy jumping, flipping, twirling, and soaring on this trampoline using the harness for extra support and height. Weight limit greater than 30lbs and less than 225lbs.

30′ L x 30′ W x 25′ H

Give your guests the gift of flight! With the aid of bungee cords and 4 large inflatable trampolines, guests can soar over 25 feet in the air! Brave jumpers can attempt flips and twirls to impress the crowd. Bring this high intensity activity to your next event and give your guests an experience they will never forget! Great for all ages- weight between 40-225 pounds.

18′ L x 18′ W x 6′ H

Surfs up! Guests ride our inflatable wave on a mechanical surfboard. Perfect for all ages and all events. Test your sea legs on land. Our certified operator can control the speed and difficulty to make sure everyone has the ride of their life.

15’L x 15’W x 3’H

The Mechanical Robo Surfer is Great for any Beach Theme or Winter Theme Party, and will have everyone saying: ”Hang 10!”. With the same safety features as our mechanical bull, the robo surfer is all of the fun of surfing while staying dry. Are you a Wash Out or the Big Kahuna? Surf Machine – Hang Ten or shred some terrain! The Robo Surfer simulates genuine surfing or snowboarding conditions over an inflated bed (in case of wipe outs or biffs).

20′ L x 16′ W x 8′ H

Surfs up! Two guests at a time ride our huge inflatable wave on mechanical surfboards. Perfect for all ages and all events- our certified operator can control the speed and difficulty to make sure everyone has the ride of their life. Book now at your next special event!

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